Intel Parallel Studio

Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition software package primary application is parallel program development for multicore systems, such as HPC cluster. Intel tools can help to develop high speed programs for personal computer. Intel C++, Fortran compilators, as well as MKL math labs are widely used not only for parallel, but also serial program development. What is more, they are optimized by Intel processors.

Software available for non-commercial purposes and is available for installation on personal computer only for RTU employees and doctoral students. This software is also installed on RTU HPC cluster, where  it is possible to use the software and parallel coding testing remotely.

License term: unlimited.

Manufacturer’s supportnot active.

User groups: employees, doctoral students, and HPC users.


For research.

Academic license available for installation on personal computer.

License may only be obtained by registered RTU employees and doctoral students. To register, fill in the application FORM. After registration users will be given instructions regarding file downloading and installation.

For studies.

It is not possible to install the software on classroom computers.

For students.

It is not possible to install the software on a personal computer.

For HPC users.

Registered cluster users may use the software on the cluster, the application form is available HERE.

Computer requirements

Hardware and OS. The license availableat RTU allows to install only using Linux. Other requirements available here.

Network connection. Intel Parallel Studio license is stored on the central server of RTU data centre, thus computer must be connected to RTU network (Floating Network license) during software installation and use.

For using outside RTU, like at home, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to RTU network is necessary (more information is available here).

Available program modules (toolbox) and versions

Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition (ver. 2013 Update 1):

Intel C, C++ un Fortran kompilators

Intel MPI bibliotēka

Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL)

Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector

Intel Advisor XE

Intel Inspector XE

Intel VTune Amplifier XE

Intel Integrated Performance Primitives

Intel MPI Benchmarks