HPC access

Computing in HPC cluster on x86 CPU or GPU processor. You can run a computational task on one or more processors/nodes in parallel. The HPC cluster is available remotely as a self-service environment in which multiple users work at the same time.

  • Remote access using the SSH or HTTPS protocol;
  • Solving computing problems on one or more processors/nodes in parallel;
  • Pay only for actual job execution time;
  • Receive help from experts with more then 10 years of experience.

Technical information

Cluster’s technical information is available here.

The service includes:

  • one or several user accounts on an HPC cluster;
  • 24/7 remote internet access;
  • 2 TB disk space for data storage;
  • 10 GB RAM per one CPU core;
  • installed application software;
  • briefing and technical support by HPC experts.

Procedure for using HPC cluster (Terms of Use)

To receive access credentials, you must fill in the application form. After receiving the application, the HPC Center will contact you to inform on the following steps.

The use of the HPC cluster is provided remotely to the user on the Internet.

HPC cluster is available 24/7, and since simultaneous use of the cluster by several users is possible, the queue principle has been used. It means that a job is put in a queue in case the amount of resources needed for it exceeds the amount of available HPC cluster resources (processor cores or memory). The queue time depends on the number of waiting jobs and the amount of resources claimed by the user.

To balance the HPC cluster load between users, HPC Centre holds the right to change the amount of HPC cluster resources (like processor cores) available to a single user or the number of simultaneous jobs.

Maximum execution time of one job (simulation) is two weeks. After this period, the job will be automatically cancelled. If more time is needed for a job, the user can make a separate agreement with HPC Center.

A user is assigned a folder /home/ < user name> for storing files and interim results. The maximum storage capacity per user is up to 2 TB, which may be increased pursuant to a separate agreement with HPC Center.

If a job is executed on CPU, up to 10 GB RAM may be used per core. In order to use more memory, more cores must be reserved accordingly.

Since the primary task of HPC Centre is to support and encourage academic research, it is forbidden to use the cluster for commercial purposes without a prior agreement with HPC Center.

Users are responsible for using the software pursuant to the license. An external user (one who does not work or study at RTU) must provide the necessary software licenses oneself. In case of questions about licensing, please contact the HPC Center.

Users must avoid activities that might interfere with the work of other users (queue bypassing, exceeding the reserved amount of resources, etc.).

In case of scheduled cluster repair or software update due to which the cluster is not accessible, the HPC Center will warn the users in email in a time.

When publishing the results of the study, please include a reference to the RTU HPC Center and cluster use, as well as inform the HPC Center of the existence of such publication by filling in the form.

Service deadline

For new HPC users, the time limit for receiving the service depends on the amount and complexity of the preparatory work to be done (code adaptation, software installation, etc.). Usually from one to two weeks.

Registered users have 24/7 access to the cluster and queue, while the availability of computing resources depends on the queue and the amount of resources claimed by the user.

Usage accounting and payment procedure

Recording of HPC cluster use is done by MOAB Accounting Manager. Note: only the job execution time is taken into account and not time spent in the queue.

Unit of CPU time is CPU core/hour, i.e., using one CPU core for an hour.

Unit of GPU time is GPU/hour, i.e., using GPU for an hour.

Note: To use GPU, at least one CPU must also be used which is recorded separately.

HPC Centre issues a monthly invoice for using the HPC cluster until the 10th date of the following month. The invoice is issued pursuant to the price list and sent to user’s email address together with detailed record of cluster use. The invoice must be paid within a deadline agreed upon with HPC Center.

RTU PhD students and scientific staff can use the RTU Science Support Fund to pay for the HPC services.


Riga Technical University HPC Centre
e-mail: hpc@rtu.lv
Phone: +371 67089453

Technical support e-mail: hpc@rtu.lv