Altium Designer

Altium Designer is an electronic design automation (EDA) software package used for designing printed circuit boards, FPGA, and embedded software, as well as for mixed signal simulations and analysis of analogue and digital chains.

The software is available for non-commercial research and studies purposes at classrooms and for students (who need the software within a study programme).

License term: until 23.08.2019.

Updates: until 23.08.2019.

User groups: employees, students, and classrooms.


For research and studies Altium On-Demand license is available, which may be used for research, student training at classrooms and for preparing study materials.

License may only be obtained by RTU employees and doctoral students.

To register fill in the application form.

After registration users will be given instructions regarding file downloading and installation. When a classroom is registered, the application form shall contain information on the classroom address and No. and number of computers.

Computer requirements

Hardware and OS. Altium versions available at RTU can only be run on MS Windows 7 and later. More information is available on the Altium website:

Network connection. To connect to Altium Designer website, Internet connection is necessary. No connection to RTU computer network is necessary. Distance working is possible.

Available program modules and versions

Altium Designer (v 17.1.6.)