High-level programming language Python is an interpretable object-oriented scripting language that is widely used for scientific calculations, including data analysis and machine learning.

The cluster also includes IPython and Jupyter interfaces.

Preparing the working environment

To be able to use the provided Python versions, no additional environment preparation is necessary. To use another Python version, we suggest using conda.



Instructions for using the cluster

pip – a tool that allows to add a  Python module (for example, NumPy) without administrator rights.

pip install --user numpy

Virtual enviroment ( allows users to isolate various Python projects thus creating virtual working environments.

a. Create a virtual environment:

virtualenv --system-site-packages testenv

–system-site-packages” – the modules already installed in the system will also be used (contrary to a completely clean environment):

b. Activate a virtual environment “testenv”:

source testenv/bin/activate

c. Install modules in a virtual environment:

pip install numpy

d. Exit from the virtual environment: