Technical description of the cluster

The cluster consists of 56 servers connected to the Infinband computer network – computing nodes – on which user tasks are performed, and one control node that performs cluster management functions (please see the image below). All nodes are equipped with two x86_64-2000 architecture processors (CPU), part of which is additionally equipped with 2-4 Nvidia Tesla graphics accelerators (GPU). By the construction of the nodes, the cluster is heterogeneous, combining nodes of different generations and technical parameters.

Several networked disk arrays are available for storing data with a total capacity of 238,800 TB available to users. For tasks with intensive I/O, a special NVme disk array with beeGFS parallel file system is available.

Users connect to a separate access node that provides a work environment and tools for performing tasks in a cluster. Task sending is provided by Torque/Moab management tools.