HPC access

HPC services are available to all RTU employees and students, and we are also open to cooperation with other academic or commercial organisations. To receive access credentials, you must fill in the application form.

Computing in an HPC cluster on an x86-based CPU or graphic processor (GPU). You can run a computational task on one or more processors/nodes in parallel. The HPC cluster is available remotely as a self-service environment in which multiple users work at the same time.

Modeling and simulation of fluid dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) expert group – scientists from Riga Technical university – brings together researchers from different scientific disciplines and helps solve gas and liquid flow problems by using advanced numerical methods. From the 2D/3D drawing they create a simulation model, perform parallel computing on the supercomputer, study and interpret the results.

Software development

Involvement of human resources for transferring program code from a personal computer to the HPC cluster, including consultations, code adaptation to cluster environment, parallelisation of sequential code for multi-core or multi-node execution.


This section provides information about the prices of services offered by the HPC Center and the available financial support mechanisms for HPC users from RTU.