is the Multibody Dynamics Simulation Solution

Adams helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, and how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems.

License term: till 31.12.2019.

Webhelp: līdz 31.12.2019.

User groups: classrooms.


For students.

Students may use Adams in classrooms.


This software is not avaliable for research


Avaliable MSC Adams Education Edition Network license

Licence may be used for student training at classrooms and for preparing study materials.

To register fill in the application form.

After registration users will be given instructions regarding file downloading and installation. When a classroom is registered, the application form shall contain information on the classroom address and No., number of computers, and gateway IP address or IP address range.

In case of questions contact HPC Centre by e – mail

Computer requirements

Hardware and OS. Adams versions available at RTU can only be run on MS Windows 7 and later. More information is available on the Adams website

Network connection. Research and classroom license is stored on the central server of RTU data centre, thus computer must be connected to RTU network (Floating Network license) during software installation and use.

For using outside RTU, like at home, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to RTU network is necessary (more information is available here).

Available program modules and versions


Adams Machinery

Adams Car

Flexible Multibody Systems

Adams MaxFlex

Adams Real Time