Project results

The first project phase was launched from scratch at the end of 2005. The pioneers — Oļģerts Belmanis, Lauris Cikovskis and Jānis Kūliņš, later accompanied by Artis Šteinbergs and Zigmārs Strods — were led by the professor Ilmārs Slaidiņš. The team started out studying and researching the Grid technologies which were little-known at that time, later the first servers were purchased resulting in a cluster of five computing nodes. As the number of servers grew, central Grid services and 16 cores for computation were offered, as well as 1 TB of Grid data storage at the end of the first project phase.

The second project phase of BalticGrid-II started in May 2008. This time, focus was on attracting users and transferring their research applications to Grid. Good cooperation was established with researchers from RTU and the Institute of Organic Synthesis that also used our technical support. Users from other Baltic States used our computing services, similar to Latvian users employing resources of other universities. The project resulted in two clusters with 48 cores in total.

We are also proud with our e-study course which was one of the most voluminous study aids developed within the BalticGrid-I and II. The course is also available after the project.

In the picture participants of the Grid team hold their diplomas signed by Ake Edlund, Managing Director of the BalticGrid project, for their contribution to the project.

Results in figures

The first graph represents the monthly load of Latvian Grid clusters (in CPU time) from 2006 until May 2010. The clusters are hosted by RTU and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Latvia.

The second graph shows the total CPU time broken down by the Latvian Grid clusters from January 2006 until April 2010.

The total amount of normalised CPU time of RTU Grid resources is 434 thousand hours, which equals nearly 50 years on one Pentium III, 1 GHz processor.

Information on the Grid certificates issued to RTU users:


Number of certificates