Seminar “How to teach using MATLAB and Simulink”

MATLAB and Simulink are used in more than 5000 universities all over the world by millions of students. Considering that, on 26 May 2016, RTU Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering held a seminar “How to teach using MATLAB and Simulink”, which was hosted by Rohit Agrawal, MathWorks Education Technical Specialist.

The faculty and students were introduced to the available resources, like MATLAB Academy, Cody Coursework, MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite, and MATLAB mobile.

Main topics:

  • MathWorks support and initiatives for addressing the main challenges and trends in education;
  • university-wide availability of MATLAB with TAH Campus license, MATLAB online and the mobile MATLAB;
  • MATLAB automatic evaluation of programming tasks aimed at raising the pedagogical efficiency and student participation;
  • hardware support to ensure project-based learning and train students’ practical skills;
  • study plan integrated with the MATLAB product set to increase the study efficiency;
  • MATLAB Courseware to find out how MATLAB is studied in other universities.


The seminar was organised by RTU HPC Centre in cooperation with MathWorks.