EOSC Nordic

On September 2019, the EOSC Nordic (2019 –2022) will be launched to support the creation of an open science cloud in Europe. The project has twenty-four partners from the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. The countries represented are: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany. Rīgas Technical university will represent Latvia.

Main objectives of the project:

  • Support coordination, harmonisation and alignment of Nordic and Baltic national policies and practices related to the provision of horizontal research data services with EOSC.
  • Increase the discoverability of Nordic & Baltic services. Extend and expand their use by making them accessible through the EOSC portal.
  • Promote and support the uptake of FAIR data practices and certification schemas across the Nordics.
  • Accelerate the progress and attractiveness of EOSC by piloting & delivering innovative solutions developed and tested in a useful and functional cross-border environment.
  • Provide a Knowledge Hub to deliver training and technical support to new service providers and communities willing to engage with EOSC during and after the project lifetime.