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Gromacs workshop: a review

In October 2018, the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis held Gromacs practical workshop with the aim to introduce the Baltic scientists with the possibilities of using this software in various scientific fields where it is necessary to understand and model the behaviour of molecules on the atomic level.

Gromacs workshop

GROMACS is one of the most commonly used software for molecular dynamics simulations. It can be used for simulation of different chemical, biological and physical processes at atomic level. It helps to explain the results of experiments, reduce the cost of laboratory experiments, partly replacing them by computer simulations, and to generate ideas how to […]

HPC Centre organises training “Introduction to SolidWorks”

Join the training “Introduction to SolidWorks”! Faculty, researchers, and students interested in research and innovations are invited to apply to training “Introduction to SolidWorks” starting on 26 March (Easter Holiday). The training will be given by RTU Professor Modris Dobelis, and will provide basics of computer-aided design using the software SolidWorks.