ANSYS is a universal software used for engineering simulations throughout the product life cycle. Among other tools, ANSYS package includes simulators for three physical process: structures, flow mechanics (CFD), and electromagnetism that can interact with each other.

After the initiative of RTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and HPC center, ANSYS CAMPUS licence has been bought. It allows to use this software for research and classrooms to all RTU structural units. Students can receive ANSYS software for six months after registering on ANSYS website.

More information regarding licence and application available HERE.

ANSYS application areas:

·         Structural calculations with finite element analysis (FEA) methods;

·         Numerical flow Mechanics (CFD) tasks;

·         Electromagnetism, electronics, thermal and electromechanical simulations;

·         Analysis and development of semiconductors, integrated circuits and SOC;

·         From the design of optics and illumination to photonics and image processing;

·         3D Design development and optimization.

ANSYS HPC module enables to accelerate the simulation on the supercomputer.

Calculation of non-linear statics in ANSYS Mechanical APDL environment: voltage distribution

CFD simulation for the mixed tank in ANSYS CFX environment: flow-rate vector