HPC service price list

RTU structural units (in-house price)

Computing on CPU 


(using one CPU core for an hour)

0.008 Total cost calculation for a job:

number of cores used × total execution time × price


1. RTU structural unit executing a job on 24 CPU cores for 24 hours:

24 × 24 × 0.008 = 4.60 EUR

2. RTU structural unit using a virtual machine with 12 CPU cores and 64 GB RAM for 1 week:

12 × 24 x 7 × 0.008 = 16.13 EUR

Computing on GPU 


(using GPU for an hour)

0.07 Total cost calculation (including CPU time):

(number of GPU used × total execution time × price per GPU-hour) + (number of CPU cores used × total execution time × price per core-hour)


1. RTU structural unit using 2 GPUs and 4 CPU cores for 12 hours:

(2 × 12 × 0.07) + (4 × 12 × 0.008) = 1.68 + 0.38 = 2.06 EUR

Development of HPC software


0.20 Total cost calculation:

working hours × hourly rate

Free trial period for new users

*Conditions for applying in-house price to RTU structural units

  • In-house prices for using HPC apply to study needs (Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels) and for research at RTU, as well as to the scientific projects financed by the EU and supported by the Vice-rector for Research. The in-house price does not apply to jobs performed within contract relations with the industry.
  •  Affiliation of one’s organisation to RTU shall be indicated whenever the scientific results gained by using HPC are published.
  •  If payment is made from one’s personal means (instead of an in-house transfer), VAT in the amount of 21 % is applied in addition.

Financial support mechanisms

The students of RTU Doctoral studies can use the HPC cluster (supercomputer) in their research, and we invite students to apply for the Science Support Fund financing.

Co-financing in the amount of 80 % is granted to non-commercial doctoral researches but not more than EUR 500 to a single student in one academic year.

To apply, fill in the form. The signed form should be emailed to doktorantura@rtu.lv, and the original should be submitted to Office 218, Kaļķu iela 1, (telephone +371 67089051).