Riga Technical University (RTU) High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre is an initiative under the supervision of the Office of Vice-Rector for Research and it aims at providing support to application of e-science technology in research:

  • access to modern computing infrastructure (supercomputer, data storage facilities);
  • technical support in transferring computing problems to HPC;
  • access to European e-infrastructures;
  • scientific software for research and studies;
  • training and seminars.

HPC Centre was established in June 2012 as a follow up to computing activities initiated by the project BalticGrid (2005‒2010) within the Sixth and Seventh EU Framework Programmes. Since then the Centre has accumulated experience in supporting wide range of engineering applications at RTU and providing services also to other research institutions in Latvia. HPC Centre is open to cooperation with industry.


RTU HPC centra vaditajs
Artūrs Āboltiņš Paralēlās programmatūras izstrāde

Lauris Cikovskis

Dr. sc. ing.

Head of the Centre

HPC expert

Phone: 67089453
Email: Lauris.Cikovskis@rtu.lv


Laine Rozenberga

Project Administrator / Coordinator

Phone: 67089873
Email: Laine.Rozenberga@rtu.lv

Artūrs Āboltiņš

Dr. sc. ing.

Lead Researcher

Expert in parallel software developement

Email: Arturs.Aboltins_1@rtu.lv



Ilmārs Slaidiņš

RTU professor Dr.sc.ing.

A representative of Latvian Delegation e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG)


Training Providers

Arnis Lektauers RTU CUDA kursu vadītājs

Arnis Lektauers

Assoc. professor Dr. sc. ing.

CUDA Training Provider

Email: Arnis.Lektauers@rtu.lv


Māris Tērauds

Assoc. professor

MATLAB Training Provider

Email: Maris.Terauds@rtu.lv

Modris Dobelis

RTU professor
SolidWorks Training Provider

E-pasts: Modris.Dobelis@rtu.lv